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Are you having troubles keeping this massive chunk of IT aligned with your Business? Are they giving you a hard time about running stuff on your awesome Mainframe? Having troubles getting (or keeping) experienced personel to "keep things running" or "build new stuff"?
Wishing your Mainframe environment would be more agile?

See what zdevops could do for you»

Let us help you

Is 'the new way of working' getting in the way of achieving your true goals? Does it sometimes appears like the only result of implementing ITIL-ish things is implementing these things? Are means becoming a goal by itself?

We might be able to help you. With years of experience in the wonderful land of Enterprise IT we have seen (and solved) a lot of problems. We can help you implement your ITIL. We can help you "being Lean". We can even help you with Scrum, DevOps or other 'agile' methodologies.

Solve your problems

We all have problems. Heck, some of us out there seem to have all the problems :). And some of us just don't have the means (or the time) to implement some rudimentary "ITIL-processess". This means management will have to make decisions based on contradictionary, or even worse : false, data.

We believe every improvement starts by setting up measurements to the status quo. After all, you can't improve what you cannot measure.

And run awesome IT

Deploy your change within hours of final testing. See immediate results from your actions. Have insight in 'overal system availability'. Be able to run the latest and greatest tools. Be your customers most awesome IT provider.

We all have dreams on all the awesome stuff we could be doing. We can help you te become all the awesomness you want to be by keeping all the distractions (like release-plannings, KPI-reports, Quarterly Performance Metrics and useless meetings) at bay so you can keep doing what you do best.

It's all about being proud of your job and the awesome stuff you do!

The Mainframe & The Enterprise

For most Enterprises having a Mainframe is hard. It's pretty complex and requires dedicated specialists to keep it up and running. It's also very expensive and usually takes ages for stuff to get into the production environment.

Because of this people claim there is no room for The Mainframe in todays' Enterprise IT infrastructure.

No More Mainframe?

Whever people claim there is no room for The Mainframe in todays' Enterprise IT infrastructure we commonly reply

That's mainly due to the amount of other hardware you've got occupying all the floorspace. @zdevops

We strongly believe The Mainframe will be present in Enterprise IT infrastructures for quite some time to come. We also believe this is a good thing.

The following video can be considered to be the humerous short reply we would like to give when people say the Mainframe is old, outdated and should be abandoned.


Besides having a strong believe in The Mainframe's Future we're also big devops enthausiasts.
We wouldn't have called ourselfs zdevops if we didn't.

Adam Jacob's talk at Velocity 2010 kinda sums up why:

Technical Services

We offer a wide varity of technical services including, but not limited to:

Storage Solutions
DASD, disk, tape, backups, site-to-site replication, System Managed Storage, etc.
Operational Services
"Keep it running™", Event Management, Incident & Problem, Availability, etc.
Point Solutions
IBM or ISV software installations, patch-management, site- specific configurations, etc.
Performance & Capacity
Forecasts, trends, lowering software and hardware bills, identifying quick-wins, insight, etc.

Management Services

"Let the programmer be many and the managers few -- then all will be productive."Geoffrey James - The Tao of Programming

That being said, we still need managers. Managers who will keep all the 'management stuff' far, far away from the technical workforce so they can do what they do best : "Being awesome and delivering fit for purpose business solutions"

We can provide you with temporary managers to do just that. We can also provide training & coaching to give your managers that extra edge when it comes to enabling and empowering the workforce

Other awesome services

With an average exerience of over 15 years in Enterprise IT our services include

  • Operational Advice
  • Post Decision Support
  • z/OS virtualization on a laptop
  • Making IT work for you
  • Getting you on twitter
  • Personal Growth (Coaching & Training)
  • ITIL, Lean or Scrum assistance
  • ...

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